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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Secret Life of Christian Women: Overwhelmed by ADD/ADHD Child

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As I dealt with my son’s epic temper tantrum over buckling his seat belt, I asked myself, “why me? Why did you give me such a difficult child?” I must admit that day I was tired of life and exhausted but it was how I felt in that moment.  

If you are reading this blog, more than likely you are struggling through the challenges we face while raising ADD/ADHD kids. There are no definite answers and solutions to ADHD. Having no definite solutions makes the disease difficult to comprehend, especially in the Christian community where ADHD is considered taboo. This blog is to provide you with encouragement through scripture.  There are five scriptures I lean on each week to make it through the day (the name in red is my son’s). I look forward to connecting through our link ups this week.

1.    I praise you because Elijah is fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalms 139: 14
2.     He who began a good work in Elijah will be faithful to complete it.
     Phil 1: 6
3.     “Before I formed Elijah in the womb I knew him, and before Elijah was born I consecrated him; I appointed him a prophet to the nations.”  
    Jer. 1:5
4.     So God created Elijah in his own image, in the image of God he created Elijah. Gen 1: 27
5.     And I will make Elijah a great nation, and I will bless him and make his name great, so that he will be a blessing. Genesis 12:2

Please feel free to share your stories and ways you cope.

There are no definite answers and solutions to ADD/ADHD but together we can support each other through the dark allies and down the lonely roads. 


  1. Hugs from a momma who raised 2 boys and hears your angst. Yes, it is real. Staying in His Word will make all the difference, because you already know your words matter. I can see that above. And I read them with my older son's name inserted. THANK YOU for that blessing!

    May I invite you to join the DanceWithJesus Linkup each Friday at Your words will bless others there too.

    Hugs Susan

    1. Hi Susan, thank you so much for stopping by. I look forward to staying connected I am linking up right now to your linkup Friday party.

  2. I'm a mama of an ADHD son who also has OCD, anxiety, and sensory stuff. Really needed this list of Scripture as summer settles in and we are learning to dance to his rhythm and mine without compromising who either one of us is. Blessings from Espressos of Faith via #dancewithJesus!

    1. So happy to know that the Scriptures bless your heart let's stay in contact and maybe we can be a support system for each other !