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Sunday, January 26, 2014

7 Creative Time Management Tips for Mom

I am so excited about sharing my time management tips and learning some new ones from you. We plan vacations and are intentional about watching certain shows nightly but as moms we sometimes forget the importance of time management in every area of our lives (spiritual, mental, physical).
The Bible states in Ephesians 5:15-17
Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil…..

Here are 7 things I do weekly to make the best use of my time.
    1 .   Schedule alone time with my husband (includes sex and having conversations)
A friend told me that she schedules sex time with her husband weekly and I thought she was crazy. I finally give in and started doing the same thing and wow! It has made a big difference in our lives. The days may change weekly but that time is important.  We know how important it is for men to have sex.
2.     Prepare a food schedule for each week and prep (including breakfast and snacks)
I use to spend so much time thinking about what to eat for snacks and breakfast times and having a schedule makes a difference. I also prep my breakfast foods and  prepare lunch boxes nightly.
3.     Cleaning daily
The house (especially the bathroom) is challenging to maintain so I always do a quick bathroom cleaning when my son is having bath time. I allow him to play in the bath for 10-15 minutes, while I clean the sink, toilet and wipe down the floors.
4.     Homework
My four year old is enrolled in an ambitious pre-school program so we have homework daily. To save time on his homework (writing his name 4 times, coloring etc.) we usually do this while I am cooking dinner. His little desk is placed in the kitchen area and he enjoys being close to me while completing his homework.
5.     Family Times:
Life can always get so busy but family time should be one of our top priorities. Each week, as a family we do something that excludes sitting around at home. We go to Chucky Cheese, walking or play outside together.
6.     Rest time and alone time
The importance of resting and being alone is underrated. After experiencing some health issues the importance of rest is more real than ever before. Alone time is challenging but even 30 minutes of alone time can make a difference.
Spending time alone with God helps us prepare for the unseen and stay focused on what he wants us to do for him and our family on a daily basis.
7.     Physical fitness
Most of us do not have time to exercise for 1 hour daily but we do have time to stretch and do some time of physical activity. If nothing else try to stretch try to stretch daily. According to, “If you could use some more energy, stretching can definitely help you in that department as well. When you stretch the different muscle groups in the body, you benefit by getting increased blood circulation and increased blood circulation means more energy for you.”
Please share some of your time management secrets with us! I look forward to linking up with you this week.



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