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Monday, August 18, 2014

Secret Life of Christian Women: What To Do When Life Changes

As I sit at a coffee shop enjoying my hour of silence with my favorite Iced Chia Latte coffee, I reflect on life before having a family. On a Saturday night, I would hang out with my best friend and laugh for hours. Now, time alone is limited and a treat. At times I catch myself complaining about my lack of sleep and heading to Walmart for the third time in one week. During one of my frustrating times I was reminded that this is a day, hour, and season of life that I will never see again. 

Ecclesiastes 3 talks about the different seasons of life. “A time to cry, laugh, die, a time for war and peace, a time to keep and throw away."

 I was having a conversation with one of the elderly women in my church and she said, “We are so busy raising children, that we miss out on the joy of having them.” Wow! Would you agree with what she stated? If no kids are at home, we may miss out on life by wishing we had our kids back home, which is not what God wants us to do.

My mother who is in her mid-60s never recovered when her three children left home. I remembered her saying, “This is all I ever lived for and now I don’t know what to do.” When I speak with her on a weekly basis, she always reminisces on the past instead of the present or her future. I can honestly say, I have been doing the same thing lately. Today I told my neighbor, “I remembered sleeping in until 10 or 12 on Saturdays before having a kid, I am really missing those days.” I could feel the conviction after that conversation.

Are you doing the same things? Wishing for another season? Here are 3 suggestions to help you enjoy the present.

  • Laugh more! Psalm 126:2: Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them."
  • Be MINDFUL (present).  Do you ever wonder how you made it to the store, or answered yes to a question? Mindfulness in communication basically means to be fully present in the moment. Are you present?

  • Start creating memories in your head and take lots of pictures. At certain times, I stop, breathe and enjoy what my son is doing (I also take a picture). There is something about stopping, breathing, enjoying the moment and taking a picture. I can remember every one of those moments. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

 What to do when life changes? Enjoy it and allow God to receive the glory during good, bad, frustrating and challenging times!

 So……are you living in the Past, Present, or future?  What are you doing NOW to enjoy the present?
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  1. Yes! to all that! Especially, be mindful. 1 Peter 4 tells us to be "clear-minded and self controlled". I'm learning being clear-minded is an act of self control. Controlling my mind to focus on the present, dwell in the present, live the present. Ecc. speaks repeatedly of enjoying life and the work you do for this "right here" this "right now" is all we are given. It is our lot. Great reminders here!

    1. Thanks Kaylene! I look forward to staying connected

  2. Well, yes. Some might say it's my season in Hell, because the doctors say I'm dying, and it's not going to be fun.

    But it's still MY season, and MY present. It's my future, too, because I'm not quite ready to give up.

    I don't laugh much; this is grim, and it hurts to move, to smile, to laugh. But I don't need to laugh to know a forceful contentment that requires me to not only meet my obligations, but to fight for my dreams.

    I may lose this fight, but if I do, Hell will be scared to take me, and God and His Angels will bow their heads and step aside as I set foot on the Golden Streets.


    1. I am praying for you right now and will stay connected with you throughout this journey Andrew!

  3. Oh, how I can relate to both you and your mom! Love your post and absolutely love your blog! You have a very winning style !